Palmer Logistics Services
Awarded for growth and performance Robert Palmer Jr accepts keys from North American Van Lines President James Edgett Sr.

We live in a fast-paced world. Today’s customer demands instant, concise information and efficient service performance. Household relocation customers expect their belongings be transported faster and with more exact timing. They want efficient, relative information throughout the move process.

Palmer Logistics Services has an exclusive service delivery partnership with Palmer Moving and Storage to meet these demands. Our combined fleets are among the highest rated and most awarded agency fleets in the northAmerican Van Lines system. Our automated move management system allows relocation counselors to guide household customers with shipments of all sizes through a seamless, effortless successful move.

The less is more mindset of the millennial generation has been embraced by Palmer. We have developed programs to determine specific load and delivery days, shortened transit times and we exceed customer expectations, damage free.

My father, Robert Palmer Jr., signed one of northAmerican Van Line’s first national moving service contracts with an automotive original equipment manufacturer in 1968. Palmer has continued to evolve, grow, meet and exceed the needs of the ever-changing household relocation customer.