Palmer LogisticsIt’s hard to believe the holidays are approaching so quickly! If you are like most Americans, you can already taste the turkey, stuffing, and delicious pastries soon to come. You can also probably anticipate the extra pounds that inevitably creep up on you.

Being on the road can make it particularly challenging to stay healthy. Whether you are driving an 18-wheeler across the country, or driving your kids to basketball practice, we hope that these tips can help you and your family stay on a healthy eating road.

Check out this infographic recently release by Atlas Van Lines. It provides some helpful tips on how you can stay healthy while on the road.

  1. Have stores and stops in mind that provide healthy choices! Check out this article from CNN that highlights some of the healthiest fast food options.
  2. Choose healthy snacks. Some great options include nuts, fruit, and jerky.
    Keep moving! Don’t forget to stretch. Sparing 10 minutes to take a quick walk can make a big difference.
  3. Catch some Z’s. Sleeping is not only healthy for you, but vital for the safety of other around you. Don’t push your limits remember to get 7-9 hours per night.
  4. Enjoy the ride! If you’re on the go a lot, be sure to take in the scenery and make the most of your trip. Have a positive attitude can go a long way in keeping that need for comfort food at bay.

Don’t forget to plan ahead. Having a healthy diet will bring more energy and better focus to combat the busy, sometimes stressful nature of the holidays and allow you to cherish well deserved time with family and friends.