Palmer LS WBENC Certified: We Serve the Following Industries 

Palmer LS is a WBENC certified company that provides a wide range of commercial services and household relocation projects for each of the industries below:

Automotive and manufacturing

We’ve reliably provided household relocation services for automotive and manufacturing clients globally along with products for automotive suppliers at all Tier levels, including an emphasis on Just-in-Time (JIT) processes. We work closely with our automotive partners to ensure that their timelines are met so that their production lines remain efficient and running.


Our professionals have been working for healthcare clients for many years, delivering high-tech medical equipment that requires special handling with care and attention. Our professionals also provide household relocation services for health care systems, hospitals, and other health care research companies, medical device and equipment manufacturers.

Consumer products

We deliver a range of products from transportation services to household relocation.  We are versatile enough to handle the delivery of a wide variety of items, delivered to businesses, residents, office buildings and more.

Financial services

We can move your company, your employees and individual branches for banks and other financial institutions. In fact,  we work with many of the world’s largest and most trusted banks to service their delivery needs.


Many of our hotel clients move their professionals around the world regularly where resources are needed. We are there to move employees, products  and at times parts of the hotels themselves, in a way so that service is not interrupted.


We have provided both commercial and household relocation delivery services for many retailers in such sectors as office products, electronics, supermarkets, clothiers and more. Some of our commercial work includes consolidation moves.

Construction Services

A wide range of commercial delivery needs in the construction industry are met by Palmer LS throughout the year from heavy machinery loads to smaller equipment.


We’re experts at helping to move employees of large energy and utility companies for short-term and long-term needs.


Many technology products require special delivery needs to ensure that the equipment is secure and is not harmed by the rigors of travel. You can trust Palmer LS for the way in which we ship these products to their final destination and the care and attention we take with each shipment. In addition to our special delivery services as a WBENC certified company we can also be your diversity spend provider.

Palmer LS is a WBENC certified transportation company that serves a variety of different industries. To learn more about the industries we serve, our services or our WBENC certification please contact us today.

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