Economic TrendsThe trucking industry continues to feel the impact of current improved economic trends. The ripple effect of near-full employment, increased wages, increased consumer goods spending, strong new housing market (strongest since 2007) and increased factory output is propelling the industry to offer nationwide-distribution services and adopt new technologies. Corporate and retail store remodeling are also on the rise as a result of the upswing in the economy.

Shippers are increasingly relying upon regional distribution networks to quickly fulfill their eCommerce orders. A strong first/final mile delivery supply chain, diverse in product specialization, is imperative. Consumers expect rapid delivery of their online orders as the ”I want it now” culture continues to permeate our society as a result of constant internet connectivity.

Brick and mortar retailers are remodeling as they look to their future viability. Providing a new customer experience (Target calls this “reimagining”) is crucial to driving foot traffic and foot traffic is crucial to brick and mortar retailer existence. Retailers need project logistics services including fixture distribution, handling, and installation services as they upgrade and remodel.

With factory output growing at 3.5% this year (up from last year’s growth of 1.5%), demand for TL and LTL is booming, putting additional stress on the trucking industry.

And on top of all of the above, transportation partners need to ensure safety and provide quality service, system integration, tracking, and reporting, all while being good stewards of our environment. That’s a tall order!

Palmer Logistics Services meets such needs for our diverse client base including retail, healthcare, manufacturing, sensitive equipment, and events/exhibits, to name a few. We offer asset-based, supply chain solutions through our exclusive network of industry-leading partners. Quality delivery, service and end-to-end visibility is what our clients demand and what Palmer Logistics delivers. No matter what the economic performance or outlook, Palmer Logistics Services is here for the long haul.