Palmer Logistics Services has been recognized for outstanding quality 3 of the past 4 years including twice by an automotive OEM for inbound transportation performance. Our asset based truckload transportation success has been fueled by our exclusive partnership with Hazen Transport.

Richard Palmer expanded Palmer Moving’s core services and founded Hazen Transport in 1992 to provide home delivery and general freight services. Palmer Logistics Services and Hazen Transport’s combined exceptional fleets provide inbound transportation to 17 plants east of the Mississippi for 4 automotive OEMs.

While North America has seen a rebound of automotive sales back to pre-recession levels, suppliers are leery to invest in added capacity as the global economy is still fragile. This coupled with global vehicle platforms, the vast amount of vehicle options and difficulty to accurately forecast in traditional and emerging markets puts an enormous amount of pressure on automotive Supply Chain Management.

Transportation partners need to be nimble and have strong fleets to adapt to constant changes in demand, supplier locations and plant production fluctuations to succeed within OEM’s quality metric and communication expectations. Palmer Logistics Services and Hazen Transport understand and thrive in this environment. We are extremely proud of our success and look forward to growing and adapting in the ever-changing automotive climate.