Palmer Logistics Tractor TrailerDid you know that Fruehauf was the pioneer of the tractor-trailer? In 1914, August Fruehauf (a blacksmith and wagon builder) was asked to transport a boat by a Detroit lumber tycoon named Frederic M. Sibley Sr.

Sibley wanted to transport his boat on dry land behind his Ford Model T. Fruehauf took on the challenge and successfully transported the boat allowing for a much faster delivery. Orders began flowing in and Fruehauf continued to improve the trailer. One notable improvement was the additional of the fifth wheel which led to the automatic coupling of today’s trailers.

Not only did Fruehauf develop the tractor-trailer, but he designed the modern shipping container as well! You can learn more about Fruehauf by visiting the Fruehauf Trailer Historical Society website.
On July 20th, the Automotive Hall of Fame inducted Fruehauf into its 2017 class of honorees.

Palmer Logistics Services tips our hat to Fruehauf and his many innovations. Who knows…If it weren’t for him, we might still be transporting household goods, automotive parts, sensitive equipment in wagons!