Month: May 2017

Customers don’t stand still: Supporting Retail Supply Chain Challenges

Palmer Logistics TruckIn the past year retail industry sales growth doubled the historical average for year over year growth.

The explosion of Omni-Channel demand is drastically changing retail industry supply chain models. Today’s consumer takes a much different journey: they can visit a store one day, continue browsing on their laptop during lunch, see an ad on YouTube and make a final purchase via their iPhone. Consumers often learn of a product on social media or through an email which leads to a website visit, reading reviews, and inquiries to friends before ultimately buying.

These multiple touchpoints, coupled with strong Multi-Site Retail Construction Growth, challenges retail supply chain professionals to integrate distribution and delivery of product and fixtures to accommodate all of the different methods of shopping and facility growth. Retailers must develop strategies that give them the ability to ship anything to or from anywhere quickly.

As an agent of CRST Specialized Transportation Palmer Logistics Services is part of the industry’s largest asset based specialized sensitive equipment transportation network. We offer comprehensive LTL, TL and Multi Stop TL capabilities. With 52 distribution centers across the US and Canada we offer inventory management with serialized tracking, order fulfillment with pick-pack, light assembly, physical distribution and management for all modes of transportation.

9 Trucking Fun Facts

Check out our latest infographic for some interesting insights into the trucking industry!

Palmer Logistics Trucking Facts

Creating Healthy and Productive Workplace Environments

Affordance Office EnvironmentsFacility managers are challenged to create workspaces that increase productivity, creativity, boost morale and facilitate wellness. Studies have proven that spending 8-10 hours a day in a sedimentary position can lead to chronic health problems including diabetes and heart disease. Natural elements in the workspace, such as greenery and natural light, boost employee productivity and morale. Adding to the challenge is the growing millennial workforce’s desire to be part of corporate cultures that provide a sense of purpose and contribute to a greater good. Facility managers have their hands full, indeed.

Affordance Office Environments helps facility managers meet these challenges by creating environments which build wellness, productivity and people-centric office spaces.

Affordance Office Environments is the office furniture division of Palmer Logistics Services. Affordance Office Environments represents over 200 high quality commercial office interior manufacturers such as Divi, AIS and Mayline. Our product lines include modular work spaces with versatile sit stand desks, natural elements, flexible work stations and invigorating common areas all of which promote healthy, productive, and collaborative workspaces.

Our turnkey commercial relocation solutions provide space planning, furniture selection, design services, and furniture installation for companies large and small. We listen and create aesthetically beautiful work environments that fit facility managers’ budgets, delight their employees and make them proud.


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